About us

ARS, has been found to create engineering solutions for customers who need site

Service for their rotating machines in their facilities. ARS can find satisfactory tailor made solutions according to customers’ need and conditions as well.


Our mission:

ARS support customers to carry out their reactive, predictive and proactive maintenance or repair in a manner of cost effective way. ARS can supply service to the customers by avoiding transporting of their machines to the workshops because ARS can convert customers’ site to a workshop.  As a gain of this way is to save money and time as well.


Our vision:

ARS is willing to be a well-known supplier for the customers who focus on reliable, fast and

convenient long-term solution providers.



Team members of ARS are experienced and skilled people who used to work for similar jobs more

than tens of years. ARS technical people are consisted of engineers and technicians who are able

manage site services for rotating machines according to international standards.


Works scope;

  1. Rotating machines rewinding at customer site
    1. Stator rewinding
    2. Rotor rewinding
  2. Rotating machines periodic maintenance at customer site
    1. L1 : Dynamic measurements and visual check
    2. L2 : L1 + static tests and boroscope records
    3. L3 : L2 + Bearing inspections and replacement (if needed)
    4. L4 : L3 + Rotor and stator cleanings by ice blasting or solvent
  3. Vibration measurements
  4. Balancing at site
  5. Commissioning of rotating machines
  6. Trouble shooting for rotating machines
  7. Technical trainings
  8. Partial discharge, Dissipation factor, capacitance and tip up tests
  9. AC withstand tests
  10. DC withstand tests
  11. Official distributor of Erbessd Instruments (vibration and balancing tools)
    1. Sales of Erbessd Instruments
    2. Training and service for Erbessd Instruments products
  12. Official distributor of Quartzteq / Swiss (PD monitoring systems)
    1. Sales of Quartzteq product and solutions
    2. Training and service for Quartteq products