Site Tests

Electrical tests

(IR,PI, PD,TD,Cap, Tip up)

ARS is doing AC and DC tests for rotating machines through test equipment designed by Swiss Quartzteq brand test equipment. Results of such tests are a good way to determine faced stresses and aging of the machines.

Test scope

  1. AC and DC withstand tests
  2. Insulation resistance measurement
  3. Polarisation Index (PI)
  4. Partial discharge tests (PD)
  5. Loss factor / Tandelta Tests (TD)
  6. Capacitance tests (Cap)
  7. Tip up tests
  8. ELCID or Ring Flux (Core lamination tests)

ELCID test

Partial discharge, dissipation factor, capacitance measurements

Partial discharge on endwinding surface and its deterioration

Internal partial discharges due to voids and delaminations (the layers of mica become separated, a process known as delamination)

Vibration measurements

ARS Motor Servis experts do vibration tests through Erbessd Instruments vibration analysers. By this way all of dynamic parameters based on vibration are collected and analysed then reported

Cement mill motor vibration test

Farin mill motor vibration measurement

Hydro generator vibration test

Pump motor vibration test

Mill motor vibration test

ID Fan motor vibration measurement

Generator vibration tests

Gear box time wave form analysis

 Bearings condition and deterioration are analysed through envelope spectrum analysis

Shaft alignment checks and improvements

Hydro generator site rebalance check (two planes)

Fan site rebalance (single plane)